Everyday Happening - Haireignis


hair. everyone has it. 

within 4 weeks we created an exhibition / happening about this part of our body and the feelings we associate with hair; all from love to disgust. 


we displayed our work in one big room. it was not a regular exhibition since it was only open for one night along with the opening. to make it a real happening we had a hair dressers chair with a spot in the middle of the room. at one point, when the room was beginning to be crowded, a woman we hired sat down on it. we placed a scissor on a base right next to the chair. it didn't take long until the first visitor started cutting the woman's hair. 


the exhibition around the chair contained 5 smaller projects. 

my own project was focussed on the appointment at the hairdresser. i created a world to dive into over an audio file. it discusses the topic of the hair being so precious and taken care of while it is on our head. once it has fallen it turns into a disgusting object which needs to be removed. 

listen to the audio file below.